Investor Relations Cury Construtora RI

Corporate Profile

Leading Homebuilder Focused on the Low- Income Segment in Brazil, specially in the higher brackets of the Casa Verde e Amarela program

We are one of the leaders in the low-income housing segment, currently focused in the products for the higher brackets of the Program Minha Casa Minha Vida. Even though we operate in a highly fragmented market, our market share is estimated in 4.0% and 9.5% in the metropolitan regions of São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro, which is relevant, and do makes us leaders, but still leaves a great room for future growth.

Commitment to most profitable markets: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Our limited geographical footprint is key to our strategy. Being committed to the metropolitan regions of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, allow us to operate in the high end of the Minha Casa Minha Vida program, and gives us higher average prices and elevated levels of sales speed or sales over supply.

Strategically located landbank

Cury owns an extensive landbank located in central regions of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Exploring the different zoning areas of the cities and prioritizing the proximity to public transportation, services and utilities infrastructure, we believe our landbank is unique among our industry.

60 Years of Engineering Expertise in Low-Cost Construction

60 years of low cost and high-quality construction give us great capability to deliver our developments in a timely and very well-done manner. Our preferred construction method is the Load Bearing Masonry (concrete bricks), due to the flexibility and consequent maximization of land usage. Nevertheless, we also have experience operating with Pre-shaped and Concrete walls and can use different methods considering the kind of development.

Complete product portfolio, covering a wide range of low-income levels

Our Product Portfolio covers the whole range of brackets within the Minha Casa Minha Vida program and even one level up the program, within the SBPE financing program. Our focus relies on the higher brackets of the program.

Efficient and differentiated sales strategy

Our launches look a lot more like launches made by mid and high-income developers then the ones made by low income developers, once we treat each and every launch as an unique product, and develop show rooms for each product, with scale models of the whole development, full size show, illustrations, and all marketing materials in order to captivate our potential customers. Besides that, we do not use stores to sell every product in the same place, which is a common practice within the low-income segment. Our proprietary sales House, Cury Vendas, has more than a decade of experience and a team of 900 brokers with a top tier track record delivering above average sales and sales speed.

Experienced management team coupled with unique sponsorship

Our team is composed by very well-seasoned executives with more than 15 years in the company on average. Fabio Cury, Cury’s CEO has been leading the company for the past 30 years. Our partner, Cyrela, is one of the most important and well-known companies in the real estate industry in Brazil, giving us even more expertise to navigate different market scenarios.

For more detail on our team, access Board and Management section of our website.

Unmatched track-record of growth, top-tier returns and proven execution capability

We’ve been growing consistently throughout our history, always delivering above average margins and returns, due to our unique capabilities to navigate the different phases of low income housing programs, and handle the associative credit provided by the financial agents, in which the client is transferred and financed by the bank even before and during the construction works of the developments. We believe in the low cash exposure/asset light model to deliver superior returns on equity.

ESG focused strategy

Cury has been enhancing initiatives focused on ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) in order to pursue certifications (ISO 14001 and ISO 45001), as well as to maintain a multidisciplinary committee with the main goal of being part of the portfolio of ISE’s (Sustainability Index) companies of B3. We are compiling our greenhouse gas inventory to determine our future commitments. In the social sphere, we already have diversity-focused committees. In terms of governance, we are strengthening our compliance area and managing the activities of our suppliers.

Management System Policy

We aim to achieve customer satisfaction, protect the environment, and ensure safe and healthy working conditions by meeting customer, regulatory, and legal requirements. Our focus is on continuous improvement of our products and processes, pollution prevention, hazard elimination, and involving individuals through consultation and participation. We do so through strong partnerships, offering development and social well-being to our employees.