Investor Relations Cury Construtora RI


  1. 1963

    Creation of Curi Engenharia e Comércio in May, 1963 Company focused on BNH program.
  2. 70's

    Brazilian economy miracle/growth Curi Engenharia e Comercio went through great expansion
  3. 80's

    End of BNH Program Curi Engenharia e Comercio started to focus on residential buildings
  4. 90's

    Caixa Econômica Federal enlarged its housing financing activities Incorporation of Curi Engenharia e Comércio by Cury Empreendimentos
  5. 2000

    Expansion of credit lines Cury Empreendimentos accelerated its growth
  6. 2007

    Joint-venture Cyrela Creation of Cury Construtora
  7. 2009

    Creation of the housing program Minha Vida Casa Minha
  8. 2010

    Beginning of Bracket 1 (Faixa 1) . Great expansion of Cury  
  9. 2018 / 19

    1st CRI issuance of R$ 109 mm 2st CRI issuance of 125 milhões
  10. 2020